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Thanks to our experience of more than 20 years in crisis management, we have developed a working method and an operational experience that allows us to offer you concrete, effective and feasible solutions wherever you are and whatever the size and activity of your company or organization. We have classified them in 5 categories.

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Crisis management

This includes: a safety audit, risk mapping, prevention procedures and plans, a business continuity plan, an alert system, a crisis unit, and a crisis room. We will help and assist you in every phase of the crisis.

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Crisis communication

Establish a communication plan adapted to traditional media and social networks. Who should speak? When? What should you talk about and how? Our experts and partners will help you train your spokesperson and establish a real crisis communication policy.

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Recruitment and evaluation of teams

During a crisis, having poorly motivated or poorly evaluated teams can become an almost insurmountable challenge. Do your teams know how to manage stress? Are you sure you can count on them during this difficult time? We can help you identify important positions in your organization and assess who is affected. People are central in times of crisis, and undervaluing them can lead to direct consequences for you, the company, and your customers.

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Training and simulation

Train staff and test procedures by doing simulations. Establish scenarios as close as possible to reality and evaluate the results to improve your crisis management plan. We will do it with you, and we will provide you with coaching every step of the way.

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Digital platform and tools

Nowadays, digital tools bring considerable resources to crisis management. Thanks to our team, we will be able to present our crisis management platform to you, which can be adapted to your company as well as your type of activity. In addition, we will be able to create all applications from scratch according to specifications that we will make together.

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